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Second Grade Math

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Second Grade Kids Math Games is a set of 500+ exercises in 9 games to teach kids math concepts of place values regrouping, division, multiplication and fractions. Kids practice their addition, subtraction, sequencing and comparison skills.• Play balloon pop, feed the monkey, divide jellybeans, multiply, place values regrouping games• Learn math concepts of place values regroup, multiplication, fractions and division.• Hints and voice instructions to help the learning.• Kids earn ribbons and trophies for learning math.• No third-party ads, No in-app purchases, and No data collection.
The games are -
* Balloon Pop Write on the touchscreen to solve addition and subtraction problems for numbers upto 100. First 6 levels use place values to add bigger numbers. Remaining 9 levels require Carry-over and Borrow to add and subtract using place values.
* Fractions Feed the monkey fractional pieces of the pie. Use the understanding of fractions to figure out how much pie is left. Exercises develop visual understanding of fractional equivalence e.g. 1/2 is the same as 2/4.
* Equations Find the missing number in the addition or subtraction sentence. Equations are solved simply by adding or removing balls in the box.
* MultiplyAdd balls to the box to learn what multiply means. Multiplication is presented as repeated addition.
* DivideShare jelly beans among monkeys to compute the division. Uses fair-share to teach the concept of division.
* Regroup to Add (Carry Over)Use place value grids to solve bigger addition problems upto 999. Regrouping is explained using place-value grids. Kids can develop a deep understanding of how regrouping works to solve big addition problems.
* Regroup to Subtract (Borrow)Use place value grids to solve bigger subtraction problems upto 999. Use the hints to solve the subtraction problems using place value grids. Kids can understand how regrouping works to solve big subtraction problems.
* SequencePractice skip counting as a pre-cursor to multiplication. Skip counting is a way to introduce learning of multiplication tables.
* Compare Compare large numbers or fractions. Arrange them from lowest-to-highest or highest-to-lowest. Less-than and greater-than signs are used to arrange the numbers.
Our StoryWhen we looked for apps to help teach our kids, we couldn't find any that were good. One was just information text for the kids to learn by rote. Another was multiple-choice tests - just press buttons. A third had 2 sound-tracks and 4 animations running all at the same time. How was a kid supposed to focus?
So, we designed and built them games - that teach in the way parents and teachers explain concepts, and engage in the way playing does.